S 宋永红





Little Inartistic Things

Song Yonghong

Upon the request of my dear old friend Wang Jinsong, I write this essay. Getting to the bottom of creative ideas and every aspect of life of artists, the media nowadays is becoming the “accomplice” of privacy exposure. How I wish they stop prying. For me, I develop the little hobbies besides artistic creation unconsciously and unintentionally for riding a hobby saps one's will to make progress. As a matter of fact, other hobbies other than art are not really hobbies, much less hobbies I am obsessed with. Hopefully, the little things I like to do can be kindly accepted as hobbies. During my trips, I like picking up a stone or two and keep it as something to remember from. Along the road outside of Parthenon Temple, along a suburban path in Denmark, towards a rivulet in Suiling Forest, Heilongjiang, in the wild mountains where Xing Hao lived in seclusion in Linzhou, Henan, and at the seaside of Da Nang, Vietnam, I unintentionally picked up a stone or a shell. I just wanted to bring home something which I couldn’t describe exactly. Moreover, I am fond of antique things from which I want to sniff the traces of the late. But I seldom go to the antique market. Hence, it’s not really a hobby. However, I occasionally watch out for the antiques as the antique enthusiasts do. I love the antiques I bought or was gifted, be it authentic or fake, be it the horizontal inscribed board bought from Gaobeidian, Beijing, the wood carving gifted by a friend or the folk stone pestle sourced from Yulin, Shaanxi. It can’t really be called collection, which may make true collectors laugh their heads off. Furthermore, the two small sculptures I recently exchanged with my watercolor paintings are something I occasionally gloat about. There might be some other more private little hobbies I would like to keep for myself. I always believe hobbies are something you do subconsciously without thinking how they may come to use. Growing out of your heart like art, the hobbies, useful or useless, probably useless most of the time, may show certain spiritual state.